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Programme Areas

We have advocacy structures from community up to national level so that we address issues affecting PLHIV. Read more on projects we are involved in.

We believe evidence is the cornerstone of strong advocacy and meaningful action. ZNNP+ generates evidence through research and knowledge management to inform and improve the health and wellbeing of PLHIV in their diversity in line with its vision. Evidence generated by out work is used to improve national programme HIV and TB delivery for PLHIV and informs the development of national guidelines and policies and programme implementation. discover more on the following projects:

Zimbabwe National Network of People Living with HIV (ZNNP+) as community based organization works at community level to strengthen the linkage between the community and the health facility. This is done through creating networking systems at community level through volunteers who then link with the health facility. This has enhanced the early detection of people who may be facing some challenges in terms of access to medication. read more on the project below:

ZNNP+ is committed to the development of the capacity of PLHIV in Zimbabwe. For any meaningful improvement in the lives of PLHIV there's need for the strengthening of the capacities and skills of PLHIV.

Zimbabwe National Network of People living with HIV (ZNNP+) and Jointed Hands Welfare Organization (JHWO) in Zimbabwe is implementing a project entitled Amplified Voices in Scaling up Short-course Preventive Therapy for TB in Zimbabwe. The main thrust of the project is to increase demand and uptake of TPT for PLHIV and children under the age of 5 years and to monitor the accessibility, availability, availability and acceptability of TPT services targeting urban areas of Harare and Midlands Provinces in Zimbabwe.

The dignity and protection of the rights of PLHIV in rehabilitation and correctional facilities is key in ensuring quality access to HIV and TB services. ZNNP+ is committed towards working with prison in-mates and ex-inmates. The ZNNP+ Prisons Project started in 2008 in Bulawayo Khami Medium Prison. At the time, there were no funding partners available to provide support services or programmes for inmates in general and inmates living with HIV in particular. Therefore, activities were financed by ZNNP+ and mainly by dedicated staff who volunteered their time after having seen the importance of providing support to people living with HIV (PLHIV) in prisons. The type of support provided to PLHIV included peer counselling, support group formation, treatment literacy and adherence and positive living.